We Fight A Brimstone Elemental

Posted by on April 08, 2017

We Fight A Brimstone Elemental

Brimstone Elemental Boss Battle! Calamity Mod D-Mode. Published on Dec 30, 2018 In today's episode, we take out the Brimstone Elemental in an insane endurance fight. In this series, we play through the Calamity D-mode with the melee class! Check out

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We Fight A Brimstone Elemental

We Fight A Brimstone Elemental mstone Elemental does not spawn on its own, and requires the player to summon it with the Charred Idol. It must be summoned in the Profaned Crags biome in the Underworld. Brimstone Elemental has 3 forms.

Providence, The Profaned Goddess. Brimstone Elemental, Calamitas, Ravager, and enemies within the Brimstone Crag are buffed and begin dropping Bloodstone. Brimstone Elemental begins dropping the Brimrose in Revengeance Mode. Ravager begins dropping the Bloodflare Core in Expert Mode. Cloud Elementals are buffed and begin dropping the Thunderstorm. Notes [edit edit source]

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